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Educational Sessions

The Deadly Sins of Presenting Numbers: Avoiding Fatal Communication Errors

Make no mistake: correctly presenting numerical information is a skill. Seemingly innocuous errors — misspellings, mispronunciations, usage errors (e.g., it’s vs. its), and nonverbal signals — can have a devastating impact on your effectiveness. Whether you’re in treasury or FP&A, the more senior you are, the higher the stakes. Join us for this informative session to find out which communication errors diminish your effectiveness and credibility — and how to avoid them.

Turning Rejection into Opportunity

Rejection is a part of life for everyone. Would you be surprised to learn that with rejection comes opportunity? You just have to see it. Discover lessons learned and gain new strategies for managing rejection and failure from a successful entrepreneur who built her business from the ground up. In this session, attendees are challenged to discover the opportunities that come from rejection and are given the tools to succeed in the face of failure.   

Worldly Women: An International Treasury Career Dialogue

How can women make greater strides in achieving career advancement in finance, and what can management do to engage this critical segment of the workforce? In this session, three corporate practitioners with more than 60 years of treasury and international cash management experience combined, share their insights on women’s ever-changing path to career success, the challenges encountered during various stages of their careers, and what employers can do to attract and retain women in finance.

Boardroom-Ready Presentations

Visually-appealing presentations greatly increase your ability to communicate effectively. When presenting the results of your analysis to a room full of executives, don’t just copy spreadsheets onto slides: create visuals that communicate key messages of the decision-making process in a memorable way. Join us for this session and get ready to walk away with a new skill set. Experience dynamic and effective visuals you too can create in Excel and PowerPoint. Discover how to select the best visuals for communicating common messages from analysis and gain practical ideas you can take back to the office.

Unlocking the Power of Storytelling in Business

Do most Hollywood movies grab and hold your attention more than the typical meeting or PowerPoint presentation? If you answered yes, that’s because good moviemakers understand storytelling. The same story elements that make movies engrossing can be effectively used in business to make complex ideas easy to understand — and to inspire people to act.  Learning how to properly integrate stories into your communications will increase your influence and transform your professional effectiveness. Attend this session and discover how to adapt basic elements of effective storytelling to business and learn techniques that will help you understand your audience and maximize your impact.

Disrupting Aging in the Workplace

It’s time to move beyond outdated and limiting beliefs about aging. Americans are living longer, and many will need, or want, to work beyond what was once considered the standard age of retirement. AARP, the nation’s largest organization representing 50-plus Americans, believes the time has come to “disrupt aging.” Join this discussion on how age diversity can improve organizational performance and increase the bottom line through increased retention and enhanced employee engagement and productivity. Accompanying the discussion will be examples of innovative approaches companies are now developing to promote age diversity and inclusion.

Meditation and Mindfulness in the Age of Volatility: Essentials for Financial Professionals

In 2017, athletes, artists, CEOs and others are crediting meditation for their ability to perform at high levels. Benefits include increased mental clarity, improved ability to focus, access to deeper insights and reduced stress.  In this experiential session, we will invite relaxation with a few simple yoga poses, explore easeful ways to enter meditation and learn ways to cultivate mindfulness throughout the day. The “evenness of mind” you gain from these practices will help you tackle whatever the global markets and life present with greater presence and ease.

Managing Successful Projects: The CFO Perspective

Due to constrained resources and the growing rate of technological change, treasury and finance professionals are increasingly being asked to step out of their daily roles to serve as project managers and/or project team members. Brush up on your project management skills with this informative session. Review project management best practices and common pitfalls experienced through each phase of a project and walk away with new skills and insight for establishing project goals, obtaining buy-in from internal and external stakeholders, setting up communication processes, and managing project turbulence while bringing the project to a successful completion.

Mind Over Matters: Putting the Psychology of Organizational Change to Work for You

Change is constant, and within Treasury, this can prove to be extremely challenging. According to McKinsey & Company, about 70% of all changes in organizations fail. This session exams the core concepts of change management, enlisting and aligning stakeholders, and effective engagement strategies.  Attendees walk away with seven steps and practical tips for leading their teams through change; focusing on its psychological impact and why people respond and react the way they do.

Delegation of Leadership, Not Delegation of Duties

With treasury teams being tapped to do more with less, senior management is forced to delegate projects to members of the team. This delegation should not be viewed solely as a delegation of duties or assignments, but rather, a delegation of leadership. With this perspective, young talent can be inspired to reach their potential while allowing senior management to focus on more strategic treasury initiatives, potentially leading to the higher retention of key value-add individuals. Attend this session to hear a client’s perspective on the challenges and benefits of identifying and developing emerging leaders within their treasury teams.

The Value of Networking: Three Perspectives

Navigating one's career is more important than ever. The pace of change requires new skills, stronger networks and open-mindedness. Attend this session to discover how to better manage your career by networking, how to redefine and rebrand yourself, and how to leverage technology in a 21st century career. A panel of industry experts discuss their career progression and career advancement with insights into what worked, what didn't work, and how they overcame obstacles, providing attendees with impactful networking strategies and techniques.