AFP Executive Institute


As your career evolves, the challenges you face change dramatically and your responsibilities grow significantly.

The AFP Executive Institute is where you talk to your peers about being a strategic partner of your organization and an inspirational leader to your team. Sessions target the specific issues you’re facing, featured speakers offer inspiration you can take back to your team and networking opportunities give you that valuable, face time with your peers.

The AFP Executive Institute is crafted for you.

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Attendance to the AFP Executive Institute is limited to corporate practitioners with the title of treasurer, chief financial officer, vice president of finance, assistant treasurer or controller.

AFP Executive Institute Lounge

Located by the AFP Executive Institute, the AFP Executive Institute Lounge is your opportunity to connect with colleagues or check in with the office.


Gather with your peers during the Executive Institute Luncheons on Monday and Tuesday. Listen to executive level speakers who can help give you insights into how to help drive your organization and team towards the future.

Educational Sessions

The US Legislative and Regulatory Agenda and Potential Outcomes and Effects on Capital Markets and Business
Featuring US Chamber of Commerce
The year began with a very upbeat outlook given the pro-growth initiatives proposed by the new administration in the form of reduced regulations, corporate tax reform and infrastructure spending. The financial markets responded by setting new all-time highs in equities across the globe. However as spring turns to summer and none of these initiatives have even gotten out of the starting blocks, what might we expect in the future? Join this session and get the latest update to the legislative and regulatory outlook, and how a CFO sees the potential effects on their business.

Big Picture Interest Rate, Economic and Investment Outlook for 2018
Featuring BlackRock Investment Institute
Many factors affect interest rates – a primary one being inflation. What’s not talked about much though is the influence technological innovation has on inflation. In fact technology is disinflationary which besides central bank’s QE, has held down inflation and may well continue to do so in the future. This changes the macro dynamics of interest rate forecasts as well as the economic and investment outlooks. Hear from the Chief Fixed Income Strategist for BlackRock’s Investment Institute as he walks through the big picture outlook for the global economy and investments.

Creative Collaboration Against Global Cyber Threats
Featuring PNC Bank and the FBI Cyber Division
The continued and growing threat posed by cyber criminals is a constant reminder of one of the most significant risks that organizations face. An expert panel offering complimentary perspectives discusses some of the most substantial threats confronting the private sector and law enforcement today. Treasury and finance executives acquire creative solutions for combating this critical risk while gaining insight into the successful strategies currently being deployed and how to avoid frustrating obstacles that impede cross-sector cooperation.

Preparing the Treasury and Finance Organization for the Onslaught of Disruptive Technology
Featuring AFP, Harvard University Press, Brocade Communications and Zanders
We are rapidly approaching the intersection of new technologies, an evolving finance workforce and an increasingly dynamic workplace. The integration of advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, robotics and innovative technologies are driving disruption that treasury and finance executives can’t avoid. From human capital to decision making, the impact is real and it's coming. Hear industry experts discuss the importance for all corporate treasury and finance organizations to assess the impact of these and other disruptive changes to the finance function, how to develop an appropriate strategy and create a human capital roadmap for survival.

Thank you to our sponsor, PNC. The AFP Executive Institute and AFP Executive Institute Lounge are sponsored by PNC.