Visiting San Diego



Welcome to America's Finest City! Filled with history, charm, shopping and good food. San Diego's diverse neighborhoods are among the must-see attractions while you are in town.

Gaslamp Quarter

The Gaslamp Quarter is considered to be the “heart” of San Diego with over 100 restaurants, retailers and bars all providing a unique flavor of local culture. Located only minutes away from the San Diego Convention Center, you can easily find yourself in the middle of this vibrant and energetic atmosphere.

AN17-ExpSanDiego-Gaslamp-ThumbFun Fact

The Gaslamp Quarter earned its nickname in 1868 when the city installed approximately 50 gas lamp street lights to light up this new modern part of the city. It was originally referred to as the “New Town”.

East Village

East Village is San Diego’s largest downtown neighborhood and known to be home to the San Diego Padres baseball team and the iconic Harbor Drive Pedestrian Bridge. This bridge measures at 550 ft making it one of the longest self-anchored pedestrian bridges in the world; surrounded by a fusion of restaurants, shops, and museums.

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If you’re up for a little adventure, try finding the neighborhood’s top speakeasy, the Noble Experiment; rated #2 on Trip Advisor of 207 nightlife clubs and bars in San Diego.

Little Italy

Just a 10 minute cab ride away, is a lively historic neighborhood decorated with the stories and traditions passed through generations of local Italian families. Little Italy is a quaint area, spilling with personality through its parks, outdoor dining and boutique shops.

AN17-ExpSanDiego-LittleItaly-ThumbFun Fact

Looking for a delicious souvenir? Go to Amici Park in Little Italy, and with a blank sheet of paper and pencil, rub the freestanding table sculptures. These table sculptures have classic Italian recipes that you can try at home!


After a full day of learning and networking, enjoy beautiful San Diego views on a short ferry ride to Coronado. The ferry dock is located right behind the convention center, making it simple and easy to enjoy the perks and luxuries of Coronado’s dining and shopping.

AN17-ExpSanDiego-Coronado-ThumbFun Fact

Coronado means “crowned” in Spanish, which is how it earned the nickname of the “Crown City”.

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