Set Yourself Up for Career Success

May 04, 2017

AN17-Blog-Portraits-FrulandJaredJared Fruland, CTP
Senior Financial Analyst, Treasury/Cash Management

Whether you’ve secured your ideal job or are still searching, you still need to grow and develop as a treasury or finance professional. Throughout my career, as a member of AFP, I have found various avenues to explore and grow my treasury knowledge while also refining financial and industry acumen. I earned the Certified Treasury Professional accreditation and I attend numerous training sessions. But the AFP annual conference is by far the most influential in my career development. Check out how I make the most of each AFP Conference.

Define a Purpose

I start by setting an objective before each AFP Conference. This helps me focus my agenda; otherwise the enormous educational offerings would be overwhelming. So, for example, when I attended the AFP Conference in Denver in 2015 I went with the purpose to learn all that I could about money-market reform, a hot topic at the time. I attended every session on modifying investment policies and understanding proposed reforms. I even chatted with other corporates during the AFP 5K Fun Run around their objectives and ideas to handle the proposed reforms. 

Last year in Orlando, my goal was to learn all that I could around international expansion and FX. I sat in on sessions that addressed the process of building an FX policy and implementing an international banking RFP. No other industry conference provides as many educational sessions on so many disparate topics. 

In terms of San Diego, I am anxiously looking forward to attending sessions structured around Global Treasury with specific attention to developing a global strategy, reconciling bank statements globally, understanding trapped cash and finding the right fit in international treasury. I hope to come away from San Diego with a toolkit of deployable skills that can help create a dialogue and action plan around international treasury. I also hope to make connections with each presenter to ensure I leave with a new network of connections that can assist with any future global endeavors.  

Maximize Every Session

AFP 2017 will feature more than 130 educational sessions—and you should attend as many as possible. You have the opportunity to sit in with chief executives, treasurers, CFOs and other economic and business thought leaders and understand how they are interpreting and analyzing a host of common challenges. Be present and define a list of key objectives you hope to get from each session. Follow up when you return to your office and, if possible, connect with the presenter to ensure you continue to build your professional treasury network. 

Create Your Own Opportunities

AFP always allows for plenty of networking time. Take advantage of it! It’s amazing how many professional connections you can make—both in your geographic region and your organization’s industry. AFP 2017 will feature many networking events—i.e., happy hours!—to help you mingle and meet new friends. I would highly suggest you join me at the many events.  Also, if your schedule allows, take a few days of PTO before/after and enjoy all that San Diego has to offer… you can bet I will be doing the same!  I look forward to seeing you all at AFP 2017 in San Diego!

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