Salim Ismail


Exponential Finance

Today there are 8 billion internet-connected devices in the world and experts believe by 2020 that number could reach 50 billion. As the world becomes more digital, advancements in technology are skyrocketing and disrupting jobs, companies and entire industries. Technology strategist Salim Ismail sees the future of these fascinating projects and believes they are sure to impact the lives of treasury and finance professionals, while also challenging societal norms. His take on the financial services sector will have you thinking twice about what your organization will invest in for the future.


Salim Ismail

Chair, ExO Works
Author, Exponential Organizations

Salim Ismail is the Founder and Chair of ExO Works, a team of innovation experts who create customized solutions for corporations and organizations seeking to remain relevant in today’s rapidly changing business environment. Salim co-founded ExO Works in 2016 to help transform global business by catapulting organizations into the world of exponential thinking. He is the best-selling author of Exponential Organizations, a sought-after technology strategist, and a renowned entrepreneur with ties to Yahoo!, Google, and Singularity University. Salim consults with governments and the world’s top Fortune 500 companies on innovation and growth, and his work has been featured in premier media outlets like the New York Times, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Fortune, Forbes, WIRED, Vogue, and the BBC.