Bryan Seely


Practical Cybersecurity Advice for the Treasury & Finance World

With so many technology changes, people everywhere are wondering how to stay safe and stay one step ahead of hackers. World famous cybersecurity expert, ethical hacker, author and former U.S. Marine, Bryan Seely shares his insights on how secure our companies really are. From payment systems to email scams he shares strategies treasury and finance professionals can employ to ensure they are protecting their organizations from a potential breach.


Bryan Seely

Cybersecurity Expert
Ethical Hacker

Bryan Seely is a world famous cyber security expert, ethical hacker, former U.S. Marine, and author of Cyber Fraud: The Web of Lies. Seely is best known for intercepting calls to the United States Secret Service and FBI by hacking Google Maps in early 2014, but rather than spending time in prison he was called a hero and moved on to bigger and better things. A few months later, he found an exploit in and helped the company resolve it. Seely has helped to reveal a number of data breaches at several hundred major institutions, preventing the theft/loss of substantial amounts of money and information; including over 9 million social security numbers, and $23 billion in managed funds at MBIA. Seely currently runs his own security company and blog called He is also the Chief Information Security officer of J4 Capital which is an advanced financial services company specializing in market analysis and forecasting.