Treasury Management


Educational Sessions

Managing Newly-Acquired Companies: Best Practices

Whether you’re a financial sponsor acquiring a portfolio company or a corporate growing through acquisition, newly-acquired companies pose a myriad of challenges and uncertainties. Join this expert panel as they share their experiences managing acquisitions, attesting to the fact that no two are alike.  The discussion will include: managing and overcoming key challenges to the new company’s financial needs, identifying and mitigating exposures of the acquired company, and ensuring controls are in place for all bank accounts.

FinTech and Millennials: The Perfect Storm

As millennials continue their rise to positions of leadership, the pace of innovation in financial technology will advance exponentially. While progress has been most evident in the consumer market so far, financial professionals in the corporate market can expect to see evidence of a millennial impact soon. The confluence of fintech and millennials will result in a new layer of technology dictated by the millennial push for an improved user experience and fintech’s incorporation of machine-learning capabilities. Gain an understanding of the role of fintech in a corporate setting and how millennials are accelerating its adoption in this timely session.

Fallen Angels: How to Manage a Decline in Credit Quality and its Related Implications

Cyclical business conditions can lead to a dramatic decline in credit/balance sheet strength. After terminating a proposed inversion-merger in mid-2016, CF Industries went through several rounds of negotiations with lenders and fixed-income investors to amend and restructure its liquidity facilities and $1 billion of private placement notes in response to deteriorating conditions in the agricultural commodity market. Discover how disclosure requirements and audit opinion considerations impact timing decisions for communicating with rating agencies and lender negotiations, and acquire a framework for coordinating board and senior executive input on covenant structures in this strategic session.