Risk Management


Educational Sessions

Are Cybersecurity Concerns Keeping You Up at Night?

Cybercrime is a top concern for treasury practitioners. The 2016 AFP Payments Fraud and Control Survey found that 73% of treasury and finance professionals reported their company fell victim to payment fraud in 2015 — up from 62% in 2014. New innovations in cybersecurity occur seemingly daily, lulling us into a false sense of protection. Don’t be fooled: the threat remains very real. Gain a clearer understanding of the most pressing cybersecurity issues facing treasury today and the mitigation strategies being deployed to address these threats in this critical session.

Cost-Benefit Analysis for Foreign Exchange Risk Management: A Practical Framework to Evaluate Alternatives

Currency risk has senior management’s attention. Given pending changes to hedge accounting standards, all international corporations have reason to revisit their hedging policies. The most challenging considerations for treasury include: 1) how to effectively evaluate their risk management program, 2) what are the benefits and costs of strategy alternatives, and 3) how to communicate these internally. Acquire a practical framework for reviewing your company’s FX risk management policies that combines risk measurement and cost assessment to determine the relative cost-efficiency of risk management alternatives in this important session.

Advanced Hedging Techniques for FX and Commodity Risk

Forward-thinking firms are expanding their approach to the management of currency and commodity risks. Join executives from Whirlpool, McCormick, Axalta Coating Systems and Chatham Financial as they share techniques that can reduce the cost of your programs while increasing their effectiveness. Topics covered in this informative session include the use of efficient frontier analysis to reduce costs in emerging markets hedging, implementing dynamic commodity hedging programs and more.