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Educational Sessions

More Than Just Retirement? Creating a Financial Wellness Program

What is financial wellness, and how do you design an impactful financial wellness program? Most employee-centered financial education focuses on saving for retirement through a 401(k). But strong financial habits start early and encompass more than your annual 401(k) contribution limit or company match. Hear from two corporates as they discuss their financial wellness programs, including how they were implemented, the employee response, key considerations, and what overall success for the organization looks like. 

Proven Partnering Practices for Best-in-class Retirement Programs

Here's the challenge: how to manage costs, reduce risk, ensure compliance, and achieve high participant satisfaction within a complex regulatory and legislative environment. Explore the dynamics of a treasury and finance/human resources partnership and the winning techniques utilized by PATH, an international nonprofit organization and leader in global health innovation, in this revealing case study. Learn about the practices PATH implemented that generated a 98% participation rate and high asset retention, while building a framework for measuring the success of the 401(k) plan and creating the pathway for effective communication with participants.