Global Treasury & Finance


Educational Sessions

Trapped Cash and Other Pitfalls of Managing Global Balances

Companies with global operations are tasked with the challenge of maximizing the use of local balances and, where advantageous, repatriating that cash. As regulatory and tax rates continue to evolve, it is especially incumbent on treasury professionals to be nimble and adapt to the external environment, thereby maximizing the value of their company’s global operations. In this session, a panel of experts examines solutions that several companies have developed to address these needs and the pitfalls you can expect in their deployment.

Spanning the Globe: Finding the Right Fit in International Treasury

International treasury management is not one-size-fits-all. Different countries, currencies and economic conditions demand custom solutions and workflows. Join this discussion to explore the complex variables behind international treasury, managing a range of cash management concerns, navigating the maze of compliance and documentation requirements, and implementing receivables and payables practices that maximize capital across diverse markets. Gain innovative strategies to influence your international cash management decision-making and learn how to navigate the ever-changing global treasury space in this session.

#Disruption: Turning Change into Opportunity in Liquidity Management Practices

Disruption is a hot topic in technology these days, and it isn’t constrained to Silicon Valley — corporations in all sectors must adapt to change, including market dynamics, organizational pressures, and personnel shifts. In periods of broader change, how does a corporation adapt to turn disruption into opportunity? Join executives from Qualcomm and FedEx to discuss how changes from within — and outside of — their companies have revised their approach to risk management, cash segmentation, forecasting and product solutions.