Financial Planning & Analysis


Networking Events

FP&A Luncheon

(Limited to FP&As and FP&A Corporate Practitioners)
Hear from Jer Thorp at this luncheon for FP&A practitioners.

FP&A Roundtable

Sponsored by Peloton
(Limited to FP&As and FP&A Corporate Practitioners)
Join us for a moderated group discussion addressing the hottest topics in the FP&A world.

FP&A Reception

Sponsored by Anaplan
(Limited to FP&As and FP&A corporate practitioners)
Network with other finance practitioners involved in FP&A strategy or FP&A operations.

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Educational Sessions

Planning, Business Simulation, and Analytics at the Speed of Thought

How do you move away from an inefficient planning and reporting process, a highly-fragmented technology platform, and dependence on offline Excel models? Navistar, a leading global manufacturer of commercial trucks, buses, defense vehicles and engines, transformed their core modeling and planning processes and redesigned their technology platform. Their journey took them through a revamp and simplification of their allocation process and profitability models, an enhanced Price Volume Mix (PVM) analysis, implementation of purpose-built planning applications and more. Attend this session to discover best practices from Navistar's achievement, and how they overcame challenges along the way.

Supercharging Strategic Finance: Aligning Corporate Strategy Using Modified ZBB

The Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA) faced a serious challenge: how to create a system that accommodates multiple business units with vastly different outcome measures; a multi-year R&D process that doesn’t fit in to a traditional budgeting framework; and management tools that are accepted and utilized by staff, senior management, and the Board. What they developed was a budgeting and analytic framework that solved a complex institutional problem. Discover how they did it as the IMA presents their case study — based on a unique set of internally-developed tools (Business Unit Analysis 2.0) that integrates a modified zero-based budgeting process with an FP&A framework — in this highly informative session.

Building a World-class FP&A Department and Designing it for the Future

FP&A plays a central and critical role in any organization. As such, there are key initiatives that must be considered when building a new, high-performing FP&A team. This session provides guidance and strategies for building an FP&A organization, including exposure to tools that show how to strategically structure and build a blueprint for a new or developing department.

Integrated Business Planning: Connecting Finance and Operations

Achieving and maintaining a truly connected organization requires you to make quick course corrections while maintaining organizational alignment and meeting investor expectations. Integrated enterprise planning, the next generation of real time, is helping companies operate with more speed, precision, and collaboration. Learn about how Google and Nest orchestrated an integrated business planning approach across Finance and Operations, and explore how your company can, by starting small and taking it one step at a time, ultimately up-level the people, processes, and technology that allow you to pivot rapidly to meet shifting business demands.

Success Story of FP&A Leading the Analytics Revolution by Escaping Data Drudgery

Spending 80% or more of your time creating advanced models leaves little remaining to develop the actionable insights and metrics that shape your organization’s strategy. FP&A professionals have a unique knowledge of business and data that puts them in a position to drive strategy, but many feel that they’re hampered by an excel nightmare when trying to link data from multiple sources. Attendees of this session walk away with strategies for expanding their team’s ability to quickly produce insights, analytics, metrics, and dashboards for all levels of the organization.