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Educational Sessions

The Deadly Sins of Presenting Numbers: Avoiding Fatal Communication Errors

Make no mistake: correctly presenting numerical information is a skill. Seemingly innocuous errors — misspellings, mispronunciations, usage errors (e.g., it’s vs. its), and nonverbal signals — can have a devastating impact on your effectiveness. Whether you’re in treasury or FP&A, the more senior you are, the higher the stakes. Join us for this informative session to find out which communication errors diminish your effectiveness and credibility — and how to avoid them.

Turning Rejection into Opportunity

Rejection is a part of life for everyone. Would you be surprised to learn that with rejection comes opportunity? You just have to see it. Discover lessons learned and gain new strategies for managing rejection and failure from a successful entrepreneur who built her business from the ground up. In this session, attendees are challenged to discover the opportunities that come from rejection and are given the tools to succeed in the face of failure.   

Worldly Women: An International Treasury Career Dialogue

How can women make greater strides in achieving career advancement in finance, and what can management do to engage this critical segment of the workforce? In this session, three corporate practitioners with more than 60 years of treasury and international cash management experience combined, share their insights on women’s ever-changing path to career success, the challenges encountered during various stages of their careers, and what employers can do to attract and retain women in finance.